Criterion iQ

Intelligent lithium-ion battery packs for critical applications (industrial, medical, utilities)

The Criterion iQ is designed to address the demand for reliability in critical devices by providing real-time, accurate battery state of health information to both the user and the device. This data allows for maximum device usability and power availability in applications where the device's operation is of paramount importance. The Criterion iQ is available off-the-shelf, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming custom development. However, Excell Battery also ready to customize the battery pack upon request.

Features include:

  • Battery fuel gauge,
  • State of health monitoring,
  • Real-time communications through SMbus,
  • Black box data logging in worst-case conditions,
  • Rugged, compact hard shell casing,
  • Customizable to meet ATEX/HazLoc compliance requirements,
  • Available in standard voltages and customizable versions.

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Intelligent Battery Application Design Checklist - Site Graphic

Design Checklist - Intelligent Battery Applications

Download the free checklist for to walk through the steps and requirements of designing-in/selecting an effective smart battery (such as the Criterion iQ) to boost the reliability and efficiency of your critical device.

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Li-Ion Rechargeable Smart Battery packs manufactured by Excell Battery are engineered and designed for a wide range of handheld portable and stationary devices. Excell Battery’s line of standard products is available for use in a wide range of devices, and they are available with short lead times and minimum orders.


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