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Remote Monitoring & Asset Tracking: Challenges & Solutions of Battery Design

Zoom Webinar

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
9 am - 10 am Pacific Time
12 pm - 1 pm Eastern Time 

Join Excell Battery and Ultralife for the webinar/panel discussion "Remote Monitoring & Asset Tracking: Challenges & Solutions of Battery Design". This event will provide insider, specialist information for engineers and technical decision-makers based on insights and lessons from Excell Battery and Ultralife Corporation's years of experience in remote monitoring and asset tracking battery manufacturing.

We will discuss:

  • Overall trends in the industry
  • Limitations and ideal applications for different battery chemistries
  • Designing for limited available space
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Sourcing/procurement/supplier considerations


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Our over 35 years of experience with all the different cell chemistries and just about all of the cell manufacturers means we have real-life design experience.

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About Excell Battery

Established in 1985, Excell Battery, was acquired by Ultralife Corporation in 2021. With four locations in North America, Excell offers innovative portable power battery products and expert engineering support for a wide range of industries.

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The North American Advantage

Learn about the benefits of choosing a North American manufacturer like Excell Battery for your supply chain and product development. Onshoring reduces delays, tariffs, and risks. With local engineering teams, you can adapt swiftly to market changes, ensuring agility and reliability.